PIP command

PIP command not found

PIP command not found either comes when the command does not exist or in the case when the command exists but the path is not proper. It is possible that the command is installed successfully but the user has not given the correct directory location in the $PATH environment. The user will be able to check the path using echo $PATH and then he can add the required directories.

PIP is basically a terminal for python used to install the python module easily. It is also called the package manager for downloading applications in python.

Downloading PIP

  • The user needs to download get.pip.py. He can delete this after installing as this becomes of new users once the application is installed.
  • He needs to then open the app.
  • Type python and put a space. Later the user can drag and drop the file he wishes to download via pip.
  • The file will get the path of the whole terminal automatically.
  • To install the application, the user can return

How to Install PIP

The correct way to install PIP is by following these steps:

  • The user has to run the below code:

Sudo easy_install pip

The user can then set the password as per his choice.

  • pip –V

This above command is used the check the version. The user has to simply run this command and check the version.

  • pip install –U pip

In case the user wishes to upgrade the pip, the above command is made into use.

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PIP command not found

In a lot of cases, there comes an error PIP command not found. As we have discussed above, this issue can be resolved by setting the path right. The pip should always exist in the binary folder which has to be the default path for downloading the application. In other cases, the user needs to set the correct path or create a symlink in the default folder which will make the PIP command work easily.  

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