Area of a Rectangle

Python program to Find the Area of a Rectangle

In this tutorial, we will see a Python program to find the area of the rectangle. As we know, a simple mathematical formula to find the area of a rectangle.

Area of Rectangle formula

Area of rectangle = Length * Breadth

So, for finding the area of the rectangle, we must know the length and breadth of the rectangle. Therefore we take the length and breadth of the rectangle as input. Then we will find the area by multiplying these values.

Python program to find area of rectangle

Python Program to find the area of a rectangle

print("Enter the length of rectangle")
Length = int(input())
print("Enter the breadth of rectangle")
Breadth = int(input())
Area = Length*Breadth
print("Therefore area of reactangle is :",Area)


Enter the length of rectangle
Enter the breadth of rectangle
Therefore area of reactangle is : 120

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