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How to Install Laravel and Its Configuration

In this post, we will learn how to install laravel and lts configuration.

For installing the laravel, we will download & run the composer setup (Skip this step if already installed)

1) Install the Composer

1.1) Download the composer setup executable from the given link:

1.2) Run the composer setup after the download. Click on the Run option.

1.3) Click on the Next option.

1.4) Click on Browse option and choose the location of “php.exe”. Click on the Next option.

Ex: D:/xampp/php/php.exe

Click the Finish option.

2) Create the Laravel Project using Command Prompt

Firstly, Go to path of installation directory in command prompt.

Ex: D:/xampp/htdocs

Run this command: composer create-project – -prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog 5.5.*

After run above command, Laravel project is ready with the folder name β€œblog” and its version 5.5.

Whatever you want project folder name, you can change the name in command prompt.

Whatever you want laravel version, you can change the change the version.

3) Run the Laravel Project

Without laravel command

  • Go to inside the project folder β€œblog”
  • Copy the index.php and .htaccess files and paste in the root directory of project ( D:/xampp/htdocs/blog/ )
  • Open the index.php and replace the two path


require DIR .’/../vendor/autoload.php’;


require DIR .’/vendor/autoload.php’;

$app = require_once  DIR   .’/../bootstrap/app.php’;


$app = require_once DIR .’/bootstrap/app.php’;

Run the xampp server and open the browser & check http:/localhost/blog

With Laravel Command

  • Go to path of project folder β€œblog”. Ex: D:/xampp/htdocs/
  • Run this command: php artisan serve

Open the browser, run http:/localhost:8000/blog

Thanks for the reading post on how to install laravel and its configuration. I hope you like and understand the post. If you have any doubt regarding this post please comment below.

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