Processors and Its Types

Processors and their types are a vast topic in the field of computer sciences. Processors are small chips that are placed in computers and other electronic components. The processor can manage all the instructions such as arithmetical, logical, input/output (I/O), and several other basic instructions that have been created by the hardware or operating system. The main role played by the processor is to obtain the input from the input devices and then produce accurate results on the output devices. Nowadays, there are advanced processors available in the market that are capable of controlling trillions of instructions per second.

The processors are used in PCs and other electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, PDAs, and more. Intel and AMD are the main companies that are producing the best quality of processors in the market.

Types of Processors

There are five types of CPU processors are used in computers.

  • Single Core Processors: The single-core CPUs are the old generation processor. They were used in the traditional types of computers. Those CPUs with a single-core processor were able to perform only one operation at once, therefore they were not compatible with a multi-tasking system. These CPUs affects the entire performance of the computer system while running multiple programs at the same time. In the single-core CPU, the first come first serve model is used. This means that a couple of operations goes to the CPU for processing as per the priority base and the rest of the operations waits until the first operation gets completed.
  • Dual-Core Processors: The dual-core processor as the name suggests contains two processors. They are linked with each other as the single IC that is an Integrated circuit. Every processor has its local cache and controller. herefore they can perform various and difficult operations quickly than that the single-core CPU. Some of the examples that are used as dual-core processors are Intel Core Duo, the AMD X2, and the dual-core PowerPC G5.
  • Multi-Core Processors: The Multi ore processor is designed to use various processing units, which means β€œcores” on one chip, and every core of processors can perform all of their tasks. For instance, if you are doing multiple activities at the same time such as using WhatsApp and playing games. Then one core will handle WhatsApp activities and the other core will be going to manage to games.
  • Quad-Core Processors: Quad-Core Processor is the high power CPU. As the name suggests quad means four, therefore in this type of processor there are four different processors core that is combined into the one processor. In this, every processor is capable to execute. It can also process all the instructions own level without taking support to the other left processor cores. Quad-core processors can execute the massive instructions at a time without getting waiting pools. The quad-core PU helps to enhance the processing power of computer systems. Though, the performance depends on using the computing components.
  • Octa-Core Processors: Octa-core processor is designed by using the multiprocessor architecture. The design produces a higher processing speed. It has the best ability to perform multi-tasking and boost up the efficiency of your CPU. These are the type of processor which is used in your smartphones.