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Open DLL File

DLL is known as Dynamic link library file and to open a DLL file, the user needs to understand traditional programming via windows. DLL files provide extra functionality to the programs without having them to built-in programs in themselves. A lot of programs contain DLL files where it works in the background hence user does not always need to work with them. It is not possible to start working with a DLL file without registering it. Hence, the program automatically calls it when needed. DLL files are very helpful for users who like to do coding.  DLL file is created or registered with the help of the .dll extension.

First the user needs to understand the process of registering a DLL file:

  • In the command prompt, after opening the start menu, the user needs to type cmd. This command will navigate him to a new file or directly to the DLL file folder.
  • The user then has to type regsvr32 adtaschema.dll and then press enter. This will register a new DLL file in the device.

To remove the newly registered DLL file, the user has to type regsvr32 –u adtaschema.dll from the windows.

Opening a DLL File

There is a process called decompiling where the de-compiler allows the user to make use of the source code in the DLL file. The file will always need a decompiling function to create to remove the programs in it.

How to Open DLL file

To open DLL files, the user needs to follow decompiling process. by using this, the user will be able to use the DLL file in a very systematic way. If the user wants to open a DLL file, like in a notepad or word, it will be very messy. The source will be totally unreadable and a mess of characters.

Hence, the user can simply click on β€˜File’ and then β€˜Open’ to browse all the DLL files. This will make the user navigate easily through all the files without disturbing the system. There are software designed for opening DLL files such as Microsoft Visual Studio in which user can perform opening, editing as well as viewing messages in a DLL file. Another software is Microsoft Dissembler which can make DLL file functions very easy for a user to proceed with.  Below are easy key methods for opening a DLL file.

  • Run the application which has that DLL file which user wants to open.
  • DLL will open in editors such as HxD, UltraEdit etc. Then the user has to check if the first two characters are MZ and the others have to be simple symbols. If these features satisfy, then the file is a DLL file.
  • The user then checks the DLL dependencies. This can be done using tools such as Dependency Walker Tool.
  • The user can open the file in text mode using tools such as Sublime text Ultra-open etc.


A user has to be very careful while opening a DLL file as it can contain a number of viruses. These may affect your device badly in a way that is not recoverable. So, one should always avoid downloading a DLL file from the internet.

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