what is lamp stack

Lamp stack

Lamp stack is referred as software which is used to design websites as well as applications related to web. It is open source software where stack consists of Operating systems such as Linux, Apache, MySql etc. The sole purpose of using it is designing a web application which includes a server, database and a programming language.

The Four Layers of Lamp Stack

1.) Linux

This is known to be the first layer of lamp stack. It masters all the layers of the stack and is known to set the foundation of the stack. It beds the rest of the layers. When there is any issue regarding the Linux layer, say for example the disk drive gets full. Not just Linux layer will be affected, but all the other layers will be affected. All the four layers rely on each other.

2.) Apache

The second layer of the lamp stack is Apache which consists of a web server. It is present on the Linux layer. The layer helps in directing the web browser to the right website. It is very widely used on the web with the help of HTTP.

3.) MySql

This is the third layer which has the whole database of the system. It holds the responsibility of constructing a website with a database. It might have a separate server for his host. The user can use it in cases where there is a lot of user created content. The queries from MySql are very easy to create, update as well as retrieve. Hence, it is not a very difficult task to store and work with data in MySql.

4.) PHP

PHP is the forth layer of the lamp stack and also known as the final layer. All the web applications are handled by this layer and it takes care of the website development as well. This layer can be easily embedded with HTML and can be used conveniently by the user however he wishes to.

Advantages of Lamp Stack

  • All the layers are free to download and easy to install. The user can use the layers without any hassle and avoiding investing huge amounts of money for creating their web application.
  • All the layers are open to making changes which does not even harm the performance of the website being created.
  • It is very safe and secure development software.
  • It is relatively easy to create, update and delete in this stack as compared to its alternatives in the market.

Lamp stack vs mean stack

Mean stack is very new as compared to lamp stack. It is not dependent on a specific operating system but lamp stack does. Mean stack is always more chosen by the developers working with javascript where as there is nothing for other case. The full form for mean stack is MongoDB Express.js Angular.js Node.js. The users choose to work with mean only because of javascript advantage as it is very easy to work with.

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